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Founded by US Certified Nutritionist Priyanshi Bhatnagar, Priyanshi is a leading online nutrition consultant specialising in weight management, disordered eating, gut health, metabolic nutrition along with holistic healing.

She takes a different approach to food and diet. Our work together isn’t just aimed at addressing your physical health, but we also provide practical solutions for busy people on how to improve everyday meals. You’ll find simple substitutions and ideas for can-do meals that the entire family will love!

Detoxpri Articles provides information to its readers on a range of topics such as holistic nutrition, health and remedies through a series of articles and podcast episodes.

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On a mission to simplify wellness, The Detoxpri podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. ..

Are You Dehydrated? How much water do you need? DETOXPRI

Let’s start by looking at why water and proper hydration is important. I don’t think there’s anyone alive that can deny that sometimes, a simple glass of water can be more satisfying than a cup of coffee or a can of soda… From stopping belly bloat to warding off diseases, getting enough water is one of the most important things you can do. Still, some people barely drink any water. Fortunately, adding more water to your diet might be easier than you think. It just might take a conscious effort at first. For more information, visit👉🏼 detoxpri.in and instagram.com/detoxpri. #dehydration #water
  1. Are You Dehydrated? How much water do you need?
  2. Cut the Calories keep the Taste- Discovering The Truth About Stevia and for Diabetic
  3. How The French Paradox Diet work |Skinny on Wine | Eating Psycology
  4. Is Soy Good or Bad for Your Health? – The Truth about Soy
  5. Busting The Biggest Nutrition Myths

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I joined Detoxpri as a part of weight loss program and lost around 12 kgs Fat Mass in 3.5 months. My journey with Detoxpri has now changed my previous aim which was losing weight to my new aim which is leading a healthy life throughout.Now I am much more aware and conscious of what I consume and how I consume. Its been a  journey of knowing food and its interaction with the body. Thanks a lot Detoxpri without your guidance this was just impossible.


I have been totally blown away by the results of following Detoxpri plan which she adapted to my likes and dislikes. Not only have I lost the fat I wanted to lose without being starved, but I have also got more energy and I feel much healthier overall. I am eating more food than I did before I started with detox price program but I now have the body I want with good skin and hair.


In Belgium, i cant find decent healthy food to keep me motivated. So i m getting overweight a lot. Now after coming India ,i used opportunity to eat indian healthy food wich fits me better. I followed a diet plan suggested by Detoxpri and i m slimming down at a high speed, lost 9kgs Fat Mass in 3 months I have More Energy and i feel Much Stronger. After back to Belgium, i am continuing following Detoxpri suggestion because it is working best for me.


I started my journey when I was 105kg, but after 3months I reached 89kg with Fat loss and tonned muscle with great stamina and strength. One of the great things about following Detoxpri plan is the knowledge she imparts along the way. I now feel more empowered to be able to make the right choices in regards to my food to ensure that I keep my new physique.

Power of Holistic Nutrition

Instead of wishing for overnight success, consider your path to healthy eating and an enriched mind and body as a journey, where a basic education is the key to taking that first step and staying on the right track.

After all, if you don’t know how or why you’ve got somewhere, how can you expect to stay there?

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