Nutrition Programs

Like an athlete who needs a coach to guide them through their training, you need someone with the expertise to support you through changing what, how, when and why you eat.

We provide a variety of Nutrition Meal Plans designed to help you achieve your goals, such as:

  • Increasing your energy
  • Reaching your ideal weight
  • Sleeping better
  • Improving your concentration and focus
  • Stabilising your moods
  • Enhancing your performance
  • Dealing with any health or therapeutic issues you may be experiencing

You will get everything you needed education, resources, planning, accountability, a shift in perspective, new tools, and/or a way to simplify the process. 

Diet plans designed to meet everyone’s every nutrition need.

Weight Management

Whether you’re striving to lose, gain or maintain weight, we can also set you on the right track and monitor your progress. It’s the little tweaks to your lifestyle and simple dietary changes that help you encourage nutrition and build a healthy foundation to any diet.

Diabetes Management

Even if you are genetically prone to getting diabetes, you can control your sugar levels without depending on conventional medicines, follow a holistic diet plan for diabetes, eat timely meals and incorporate mild exercise into your daily routine.

Gut Health/ IBS

Our gut is complex and has a big impact on our overall health. If you are looking for support on improving your gut health or have any allergies or diseases that affect this area, we are here to help, with our gut health specialist and highly qualified team.

Child Nutrition

A healthy diet if started at a younger age, builds the foundation of a healthy physical, mental and emotional health tomorrow. And we do it all by understanding the psychology of your child so that the foundation for tomorrow is laid in the most holistic manner.

Sports Nutrition

If you really want to reach your goals, you not only have to train like a pro, you’ve got to eat like one too. While the wonders of fitness are endless from reducing anxiety to strengthening your heart, unless you’re eating right you are actively minimising every positive effect of being fit.

PCOD/PCOS Management

PCOS/PCOD symptoms can be managed with the right nutrition and holistic healing. PCOS itself cannot be treated, but symptoms like insulin resistance, hair growth, irregular menstrual periods and others can be easily treated with an integrated and holistic approach to the condition. At Detoxpri we have successfully helped many women with PCOS/PCOD. 

Disordered Eating

Disordered eating transpires in different ways for different people with everyone’s experiences being unique. We can help someone to regain a healthy relationship with food. Our goal is to empower you in ways that will allow you to continually progress long after any treatment has ended.

Thyroid Management

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body is not capable of making enough thyroid hormones. This hormone helps control growth, repair, and metabolism. Food alone cannot cure hypothyroidism but consuming the right nutrients can help restore thyroid function and minimise the symptoms. 

Senior Nutrition

What does it take to have a super – efficient immune system?Recently, scientists have unraveled the complex mechanism of the immune system and its dependence on diet. Just eating healthy can stimulate immunity. Natural foods contain antioxidants, which stimulate immune functioning and increase our resistance to infections.

Private consultations are scheduled globally, with phone and Skype consultations considered as needed. You will be asked to fill out a food diary as well as a detailed health history and lifestyle questionnaire prior to your first appointment. The information provided allows our team to plan ahead of time to make the most of your time with them. All initial consultations typically last 40-60 minutes and provide a detailed picture of your situation. Your general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation, and any medical conditions you may have will all be considered.

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