Detoxpri Philosophy

Hello Friends !

I’m Priyanshi – certified Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Author, and the person behind Detoxpri.

I’m so happy and grateful that you’re here sharing your time and energy with me and our amazing community of like-minded people.

My purpose is to guide you on how to use nutrition as the catalyst to become more in tune, connected, and aware of your wellbeing by practising small daily actions that nourish your bodies (mostly with plants!). By learning the science of nutrition and honouring the fundamental pillars of our health (i.e. mental, physical, spiritual), we design a mindful way of eating and living that’s sustainable, aligned, and joyful.

Why I Created Detoxpri

“Why did you start Detoxpri?” is one of the most common questions I receive daily — more than nutrition questions!

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’m proud to have created a trailblazing mind-body-soul health company that supports the wellbeing of people around the world.

I started Detoxpri as a creative outlet to share my expertise on a whole host of health and nutrition topics through articles on the site and my deep love for whole foods. The recipes and ideas you’ll find here revolve around my holistic way of eating, and I hope that through the simple and natural food solutions I design, you too will establish a healthy relationship with food. Also with my ability to connect with compassion and see the bigger picture of health, and passions in developing my own methods to design a simple way of making a long-term change to achieve the health people deserve.

Detoxpri became my full-time career including private practice, blogs, online consultation, partnerships, and a health podcast. To this day, my company has been completely grassroots and lead with lots of love and integrity, something I’m proud of!

From a young age, I had a deep knowing I was meant to support other people’s health journeys by guiding them and unblocking what’s already within them. As an artist at heart, I love merging this art of healthy living with the science of nutrition and health to make a full picture of human health come alive. I discovered so many things that I believed needed to be public information. If you have a specific health issue, I would highly recommend seeking out for nutrition consultancy, as I also offer private client consulting services.

Where You Come In

Every choice we make each day is a layer to be built upon. Health doesn’t happen overnight, health isn’t found in a powder or potion, health isn’t a 20-day plan, health is a daily practice.

You are the exact reason why Detoxpri is rooted in serving others, compassion, love, and good vibes! Through our content, 90% of which is free, and online articles, recipes and podcast. With the Detoxpri Nutrition Programs and private nutrition consultations, we’re here to guide you to design a way of eating and living that’s perfect for your unique needs.

We believe people should have access to the education they need to support their health in order to make small changes at a time — an ambitious goal, but one that’s a priority for us. While we’re a health and nutrition company and yes, a business, one that sells products, we’re also a company that shares our educational work and content largely for free. I’m really proud, honoured, and grateful to earn a living this way and for our team.

Let’s Connect

I’m so grateful for you to join the Detoxpri community and I hope this is just the beginning of us getting to know each other. I’d love to learn more about you — the best way to stay connected with me is to Join the Detoxpri Community by just entering your name and email. Most of the time you’ll see me pop in your inbox weekly on Monday’s, sometimes more if we have exciting news to share or updates that might support you further than our free content.

I’m so grateful for you to be part of our community and to meet you — I’m excited about your health journey and ours ahead!

In gratitude and good vibes, always,

Priyanshi Bhatnagar

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