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Nutrition Counseling – What is it and how does it work

Words filled with happiness, gratitude and emotions. Must read.

I had a wonderful experience with Priyanshi as she steered me in my transformation journey. I was 104 kg and i lost 18 kg in just three months. Now I am 86 Kg. 
The best part of this journey was that I never felt hungry as the diet plan ensured that i was eating enough at regular intervals. I am fully satisfied with the services of Detoxpri and would highly recommend others to use this. 


I lost 41 pounds by making healthy eating a regular part of her lifestyle. My size dropped from L to S and the credit goes to priyanshi to bring this change in me. You followed up daily and motivated me. Thanks Detoxpri” 😊

MIRA & SHRIRAM (Virginia, US State)

Priyanshi is really a life saver! Not only did she help us lose a lot of weight, but she also transformed us to a healthier and a happier person. We used to believe that diet food was tasteless but Priyanshi through her recipes dispensed that myth for us. She really changed my life! I am now very happy with myself thanks to her!

ZIBRAN AHMED (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Priyanshi is a world-class Nutritionist who has completely transformed my own and the fitness journey of many. She has been my main source of inspiration for my weight loss, weight management plan, understanding nutrition for my body type to maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle, and moreover, she is the person who has helped me to become a better shaped, healthy and more energetic self.
Priyanshi is a result oriented nutrition specialist of the highest caliber and sterling credentials who is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in her field. Based on her extensive knowledge and experience in working with hundreds of clients she develops and fashions custom holistic health and diet plans for individual clients and methodically commits to providing the highest level of care and support towards her clients.I wish her and Detoxpri Godspeed and thriving success always.

RICHA SINGH (Gurugram, HR )

Priyanshi is just amazing and her diet plans too. She listens to your problems. You can call her anytime and she keeps the track of your diet on a daily basis .
Diet chart is simple and convenient. She is the best !

JILLE CEUSTERS (Lier, Belgium )

I have been a client for years at detoxpri and i love the diet plans she has been giving me. She respect my wishes if i want to fries and burgers once in a while. I can quit and restart my diet whenever i want. I recommend this service to everyone.

VRINDA NAGPAL (Saharanpur, UP)

Right from weekly diet plans to online consultations – everything is so effective and accurate. You can easily trust her. 100% guaranteed results. What I really like about Priyanshi is her various nutrition programs and you can choose whatever you need. I totally recommend detoxpri.


The difference between others and Priyanshi is, she is ready to listen to the difficulties and modify the plan which suits best to her client’s schedule. I kicked off my diet plan immediately and I was able to see the changes within a week’s time. She was also able to share her knowledge and made me realize the importance of drinking the right amount of water. Also the weekly calls with her to share the progress was highly appreciated. I am truly thankful for her guidence. She is passionate and would recommend to anyone who had been struggling to lose or gain weight.


Priyanshi is a amazing dietician. You will loose weight without starving. She helped me loose 12 kg in three month without gym. Just with her diet and walk. Thanks Priyanshi 😊

SHALINI SINGH (Faridabad, HR )

I had opted for 3months weight management programme, before starting my journey I feel weakness and lethargic but as I started changing my food and lifestyle habits as told by Priyanshi. I have seen a remarkable change in me, I feel energetic and happy. I must say I felt change in me both physically and mentally. Thanks to detoxpri for this wonderful programme


Outstanding diet. Everything perfect. Always available for queries and the best part is it has a lot of options in diet so you can choose your favourite meal. No strictness of sticking to routine and its calculated as well as per body age requirement. No weakness or dizziness during the journey. Its a perfect approach of food as medicine. You get to learn many good habbits as well. Completely satisfied and goal achieved 🙂

ANAGHA (Mumbai, Maharashtra )

After Joining the Detoxpri program I feel good especially in the morning when I was asked to eat fruits and nuts. I got a lot of information about improving eating habits and the schedule of eating, especially dinner.
Priyanshi always guides me in every aspect whether it is exercise, skin health, sleep or hair fall. I got good experience knowledge and information.

Honey Dadar (Raipur, Chhattisgarh)

Coaching with priyanshi was so awesome! With the excellent support provided by the detoxpri team, I was able to embrace a “common sense” approach to weight loss that helped me finally make progress on my goals. I am so happy I decided to jump in to this experience, and have learned skills that will help me continue to lose and maintain weight in the future!

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