HERE’s why you need to add MCT Oil to your diet plan to Speed Up Fat Loss

You’ve probably heard whispers about MCT oil as a fat-burning, metabolism-revving superfood. Here, we unpack the rumours and explain exactly what MCT is, the potential benefits, how to use MCT oil, and whether you should add it to your diet.

MCT oil was popularized by Dave Asprey who mixed it into his coffee to make his fat-burning concoction that he calls Bullet-Proof Coffee.

What is MCT Oil? How Does It Aid Weight Loss?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. It’s a high-quality saturated fatty acid, that comes mainly from coconut oil and it’s a great fuel for not only your body but also your brain.

It is found in foods and consisted of a unique chemical structure that is metabolised differently compared to other fats. Usually, when you eat fat from other sources, like let’s say vegetable oils, the fats go from your gut to your lymphatic system, and then into your circulation where they can be taken up by your fat cells and stored as future energy.

But MCTs go directly from your gut to your liver, which burns them up for immediate energy. The fats in this oil can easily be converted into ketone to produce energy in our body and they don’t get stored in our body like other fats.

MCT oil best works with the intermittent and keto diet showing effective results.
MCT oil

What Is Pure MCT Made Of?

MCT is a man-made saturated fatty acid.

Why not just coconut or just palm?
Because plain palm and plain coconut contain longer-chain triglycerides as well.

Why is medium better than long chain?

1.MCTs (6 to 8 carbon molecules) are digested more rapidly, and are considered a source of clean fuel for the body and brain, meaning they will give your body the energy it needs without filling it with a bunch of stuff it doesn’t-such as added sugar and processed ingredients. Long chains (10 to 12 carbon molecules) on the other hand, take longer to metabolize and get stored as fat in the process.

2.MCTs, are absorbed intact, transported to the liver intact, and are preferentially available for hepatic mitochondrial β-oxidation (i.e., energy production). While more of the slow-burning longer-chain fats like olive oil, butter, beef fat, palm oil, and coconut oil get stored.

This digestion difference could be why Mark Hyman, M.D., calls MCT oil “the secret fat that makes you thin.”

MCT vs. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

1.While MCT is largely derived from coconut, coconut oil doesn’t contain the same metabolic properties as MCT does; coconut oil comprises about 60% MCTs while pure MCT is 100%.

2.It also contains a large percentage of lauric acid (C12), which isn’t absorbed efficiently, unlike caprylic and capric acid. Some studies suggest that lauric acid behaves more like a long-chain fatty acid, which means it requires digestion in the liver before being utilised.

The Benefits of MCT Oil (Fat Loss & Health)

When it comes to weight loss, MCT seems to be the fat that helps you lose fat. It has many properties that make it a great weight loss aid. Let’s explore the best benefits:

1. Thermogenesis—MCTs appear to induce thermogenesis—the generation of heat in the body, which means they could help burn calories, even at rest.

2. Increased Energy Production—Since MCTs are readily oxidized in the liver, they provide a rapid energy source in the form of fat and ketones.

3. Rarely stored as fat—Because of the unique way they’re metabolized, MCTs are rarely stored as fat; they are oxidized to a greater extent than LCTs, which means they have less opportunity for deposition into adipose tissue.

4. Regulate appetite—Fats have always been known to be satiating because they’re more energy-dense and take longer to digest than carbs. Several studies have found that MCTs increase satiety more than LCTs, because of the thermal and oxidative pathways that enhance thermogenesis and satiety, thereby reducing energy intake.

5. Controls Blood Sugar—MCT oil efficiently decreases insulin resistance in those with diabetes, hence facilitating the body to process glucose and other sugars completely. This, in turn, prevents sudden spikes in blood glucose levels, prevents other complications like obesity and maintains blood sugar within the normal range.

6. Augments immunity—The unique fatty acids present in MCT oils derived from coconut oil possess tremendous antibacterial and antifungal potential. MCT oil hence shields the body from various infectious diseases by uplifting its inherent immune system defences and combating harmful substances.

How to use MCT Oil

Pure MCT oil is a clear, flavourless liquid that should be consumed plain without heating it. It’s unrefined, so it has a low smoke point and does not respond well to heat. Cooking is not one of the MCT oil uses.

So how can you use MCT oil?

Most commonly, you can add plain oil to:

• Smoothies

• Salad dressing

• Coffee

It’s easy to slip into a meal or drink without much work, as a serving size usually ranges between just half a tablespoon to up to 3 tablespoons.

Most 100 per cent MCT oils on the market recommend starting with half a tablespoon to see how your digestive system responds. Too much too fast could lead to digestive distress.

And don’t forget that MCT is still a liquid fat that’s calorically dense-1 tablespoon comes in at 100 calories.

Solid coconut oil, which is high in MCTs, can be used in cooking and may be used to replace olive oil or other cooking oils.

Risks and considerations

While there are multiple benefits of MCT oil, too much of it in the diet can lead to fat build-up in the liver, which can be dangerous.

It is important to remember that when a person consumes these, they are consuming fats. Taking MCT oil adds extra fats and calories to a person’s diet. As such, excessive use of MCT oil may not be beneficial and could lead a person to gain weight.

You also have to remember that if you’ve never taken MCT before, too large a dose can cause some pretty unpleasant GI effects like abdominal pain, cramping, and diarrhoea, so it’s always best to start with one teaspoon and work your way up to the desired amount.

How to Quickly Stop Loose Motions (Diarrhoea): 11 Homemade Cures

If you are looking for an instant solution or immediate results for loose motion then you have landed at the right place.

Loose motions or Diarrhea or loose stool is a symptom, not a disease. It is defined as frequent bowel movements of loose or watery stools. There are several ways to classify diarrhoea.

Loose stools are abnormally watery bowel movements that can have a range of different causes. They are very common and are not usually associated with any severe health risks.

Causes of Infrequent Loose Stools

Anyone can get loose motions. It is common for many people to have diarrhoea several times a year. It is generally not a major concern for most people.

It happens when there is more water content in the stool and it is not absorbed by the large intestine.

It is caused when your gut gets infected by a virus.

It is also caused due to allergies to some food items, intestinal disease, alcohol abuse, medications, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, some infection, radiation therapy, laxative abuse, a certain type of cancer and improper absorption of nutrients.

9 signs of Unhealthy Gut

It flushes out the infection and toxins from the body. It may lead to loss of nutrient and water from your body and leave you exhausted.

Usually, loose motion lasts for two to three days and can be treated with over-the-counter medicines or using home remedies. Here is a list of some of the most effective home remedies to stop loose motion instantly.

Simple Homemade Cures For Loose Motions

1.Take Probiotic Foods

One of the most well-known and effective foods containing probiotics is yoghurt. Yoghurt is abundant in probiotic-rich strains of bacteria which help combat the infective bacteria in your digestive tract that causes diarrhoea. If you suffer from Loose motions, you should eat yoghurt throughout the day.

7 Fermented Indian Superfoods

You mustn’t do over-eat probiotic-containing foods. Though helpful in small quantities, if ingested in large amounts they can lead to acidity. Other foods that contain probiotic are buttermilk, kefir lime leaves, kombucha, and Kimchi (A Korean cabbage dish).

How to make it

• A bowl of plain yoghurt


• Eat a bowl of plain yoghurt.

• You can sprinkle some salt or pepper if required.

Healthy Yogurt Recipes

2.Potassium Rich Foods

Fruits and Vegetables such as bananas and potatoes are high in potassium. They also contain pectin – a water-soluble fiber that helps to absorb excess water in the intestines.

Why should eat more fiber

Ripe Banana

Bananas contain important electrolytes that your body loses if suffering from loose motions. They also provide your dehydrated and tired body with much-needed energy. Eat a ripe banana every two hours. If you prefer something slightly more savoury, you can mash a banana and have it with rock salt.

How to make it

• A banana

• One cup yoghurt


• Blend banana with yoghurt, until smooth

• Pour in a glass with drizzle of honey

Best time to eat a Banana

Mashed Potatoes

Including starchy foods like boiled potatoes can add weight to the stools and refuel the body with adequate energy as the body tends to absorb nutrients from starchy foods. Potatoes are a great comfort food but they are also high in potassium.

You can boil them and have them in mashed form. Add a little salt and eat. Your tummy will feel better.

3.Citrus Fruits

Citrus rich foods such as lemon, gooseberry, grapefruit, and sweet lime, help to clean out the toxins that accumulate in your body if you are suffering from diarrhoea. You can eat citrus fruits throughout the day. If you blend Indian gooseberry with a very small amount of sugar, the resulting drink can help to calm your stomach.

Make sure that you don’t eat them on an empty stomach or at night. If you do, it can lead to excess irritation and bloating.

Alternatively, lemon juice has anti-inflammatory properties that will help in easily clearing the stomach. It is one of the tried and tested home remedies for loose motion for many decades.

How to make it

• Half a lemon

• A glass of water

• A teaspoon of sugar

• A pinch of salt


• Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water.

• Add the sugar and salt and mix well.

• Drink fresh.

4.Ginger tea

Ginger watet

Ginger is a miracle spice used for treating many ailments. It has several health benefits and is an effective home remedy for treating loose motion. It aids digestion, decreases food stagnation and strengthens your tummy.

How to make it

• Two teaspoons of ginger juice (freshly extracted)

• A teaspoon of honey


• Mix ginger juice and honey.

• Consume it directly.


Take a one-inch long piece of ginger and mince it. Now, boil a cup of water and add the minced ginger to it. Put off the flame and let it steep for about 10 minutes. Drink this ginger tea two to three times a day.

5.Coriander and lemon water

Coriander seeds water

Coriander leaves or cilantro is good to cure diseases related to indigestion. Linalool and borneol, the essential oils present in coriander leaves, will soothe the stomach and aid in proper liver functioning.

How to make it

• 4-5 coriander leaves

• A teaspoon of Lemon juice


• Grind the leaves

• Add this coriander paste to a glass of water.

• Add lemon juice to it and mix it well.

6.Mint Water

Mint leaves have been used since ancient times to treat loose motions or diarrhoea. It has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It also improves the flow of your digestive juices and calms your stomach lining. This drink will ease the pain, cramps and stomach discomfort.

It can be given in any form. You can even chew one or two mint leaves every day after meals to help in the digestion of your food. This will prevent you from suffering loose motions.

Honey is a natural medicine that can cure a lot of health problems and is a very effective loose motion home remedies.

Mint tea

Surprising Benefits of Honey

Mint, Honey and Lemon Water

How to make it

• A teaspoon of mint juice (freshly extracted)

• A teaspoon of lemon juice (freshly extracted)

• Honey

• A glass of warm water


• Blend the lemon juice, mint juice, and honey.

• Add this mix to a glass of lukewarm water and stir properly.

• Drink while warm.

7.Carom seeds with water

Carom seed is an effective home remedy for an upset stomach. It aids digestion and gets rid of flatulence and bloating.

6 Bloating home remedies

How to make it

• A glass of water

• A teaspoon of carom seeds


• Take carom seeds and add them to the boiling water. Put off the flame and let it steep for about 10 minutes.

• Drink this carom seed tea.


You can also swallow a teaspoon of carom seeds followed by some lukewarm water instead of making the carom seed tea.


Smoothie benefits

Pomegranate is a great remedy to stop loose motion. It is a fruit that will help in reducing the loose motion problems that you are suffering from effectively. Not just the fruit, pomegranate leaves are effective in treating loose motion.

Take out the seeds of pomegranate fruit and use a blender to extract the juice. Drink a glass of pomegranate juice for quick relief. You can also use pomegranate leaves for the treatment.

How to make it

• A few pomegranate leaves

• A glass of water


• Tak pomegranate leaves and adds them to boiling water.

• Put off the flame and let the leaves soak in it.

• Strain it and drink the water.

9.BRAT Diet


This diet combines bland foods that are low in fiber and high in starch, which may help produce more solid bowel movements. It also contains helpful nutrients, such as potassium and pectin.

It is essential to note that the BRAT diet is highly restrictive and does not provide balanced nutrition.

People should only follow this diet until they are feeling better and not any longer than 2 days.

Following a BRAT diet can also help provide relief from diarrhoea. This consists of:

• Bananas

• Rice

• Applesauce

• Toast

Healthy Toast Ideas

10.Cumin Water

Cumin tea

This popular spice can prove very beneficial in providing relief from loose motions.

How to make it

• A cup of water

• A teaspoon of cumin seeds


• Grab a saucepan and add water to it.

• Add the cumin seeds and bring the water to a boil.

• Allow it to simmer for a few minutes.

• Strain the water and drink when it cools.

Health Benefits of Drinking Cumin water

11.Stay hydrated

Detox water

As mentioned above, hydration is the key to loose motion treatment. Electrolyte waters such as coconut water, vitamin water, juices, clear soups or broths are excellent foods to treat dehydration caused by loose motions. Make sure you increase your consumption of these liquids to prevent dehydration.

Detox water to make you Rehydrated

Fenugreek has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is also an excellent loose motion home remedies to fight loose stools.

12.Methi Or Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is also an excellent loose motion home remedies to fight loose stools.

How to make it

• 1-2 teaspoons of dried fenugreek seeds

• A glass of water s


• Take dried fenugreek seeds and blend them in a blender to reduce them into a fine powder.

• Now mix this powder in a glass of water and take it every day in the morning on an empty stomach for two to three days to completely get relief from loose motions.

Avoid These 10 Foods When You Have Diarrhea

1. Fibrous fruits and vegetables

2. Whole grain cereals

3. Very dilute soups

4. Foods with a lot of sugar

5. Sports drinks

6. Aerated drinks

7. Fried or junk food

8. Processed food

9. Apple or prune juice

10. Dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese

How Drinking Green Smoothies Every Morning Will Improve Your Life?

Many experts believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with a good breakfast. Research shows that there are significant benefits for those who “rise and dine” such as:

• A diet that is more nutritionally complete and higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals

• Improved concentration and mental performance

• More physical strength and endurance

• Lower cholesterol levels

• Provides a metabolic boost that assists with weight management

13 tips towards health with reduced-fat

Yet with all of this research and overwhelming evidence showing the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, only one-third of adults who would like to eat breakfast, actually do eat it. We all know the culprit behind skipping breakfast–lack of time.

There is a solution.
One that is quick and simple to prepare, budget-friendly and most important -healthy!

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are similar to traditional fruit smoothies, but contain more green veggies and can include spinach, lettuce, kale, collard greens, parsley, dandelion greens, watercress — any leafy green veggies your palate desires. Bananas, apples, pears, avocado, berries and mango are great companions for these types of smoothies and work well to enhance the overall flavour and texture.

Science-backed Smoothie To Boost your Life Expectancy

Green smoothie

Drinking Smoothies better than Eating Salad

Blending fruits and vegetables break down the cells of plants which improves digestibility. The blending action unlocks the nutrients and maximizes their delivery to your body better than chewing a salad could. Smoothies are an efficient and more convenient way to take advantage of all of the health benefits when compared to preparing and eating a salad – especially on the go.

With all the goodness of greens, combined with some deliciously tasty fruit, green smoothies for breakfast can help you make some healthy changes in your life.

9 Benefits of starting your day with a green smoothie

1.Rejuvenates The Body

Green smoothies are rich in chlorophyll which some natural health experts say enhances the immune system, purifies the blood and rejuvenates the body. Chlorophyll can prevent anaemia, assist with dental problems, reduce symptoms of sinusitis and even help treat insomnia.

Healthy body

2.Boost Brainpower

Leafy green vegetables are full of antioxidants and carotenoids, which boost your brainpower and help protect your brain. They are also full of B-vitamins, which are proven to help your memory, focus, and overall brain health and function. They are also rich in folic acid, which improves mental clarity and focus.

11 Brain-Boosting Beverages

3.Improves Digestion

Green smoothies use whole fruits and vegetables so that you get all of the fiber and nutrition. Fiber is essential for good colon health and it keeps your bowels in working order. These smoothies naturally combat constipation, help promote regularity and may even offer relief to the symptoms that are caused by common digestive disorders.

Gut health

7 natural constipation cures

4.Increases consumption of fruits & vegetables

We live busy lives that more than often causes us to forget about how important fruits and vegetables are during the day. Green smoothies are a quick and convenient way to get your vegetables and dark, leafy greens without tasting them. The fruit masks the flavour, so even though all you taste is fruit, you are still consuming a healthy dose of spinach, kale, carrots, and any other vegetable you add.

15 Highly Alkaline Natural Foods

By starting your day with a green smoothie, you are already consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables, which means you won’t have to worry about your daily intake as much as you usually have to.

Green juice

5.Uplift Mood

Green veggies contain lots of folic acids which is a natural antidepressant. The folate contained in greens helps fight memory loss and increases serotonin levels which result in improved moods. Also, the high concentrations of folic acid that are found in green leafy vegetables are known to help relieve the signs of depression. People who suffer from depression often have a folic acid (or folate) deficiency.

Food for every mood

6.Promotes Weight Loss

Green smoothies are packed with nutrition and are very low in calories. They contain the vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates, fiber and low-fat whole food that you need to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively without starving yourself. They are also low in sugars found naturally in fruit and fruit juices making them a healthier option than traditional fruit smoothies and natural juices.

7.Clearer Skin

Clearer, radiant skin is an often-reported benefit to eating healthier. Smoothies are high in fiber and antioxidants which allow your body to eliminate toxins the right way instead of through your skin. The vitamin E found in green leafy vegetables works with vitamin C to keep skin healthy as you age. All of these substances work together to offer you a better complexion and clearer skin – without costing a fortune.

Clear skin

7 Celebrity Glowing Skin Smoothie Recipes

8.Improves Hydration

Water is an essential daily substance that we all need. Our bodies are mostly composed of water, and we need to keep our bodies hydrated to support our health.

Drinking green smoothies is not only a great way to trick yourself into eating your vegetables, but it is also an excellent way to ensure you get the water your body needs. 

Unfortunately, many people are not happy with the taste of water. By simply adding more water to your green breakfast smoothie, you can consume an additional amount of liquid, without even noticing it.

11 Signs When You Don’t Drink Enough Water

9.Fight Inflammation

Inflammation happens when your immune system is triggered without having any foreign invaders. This could be due to the foods you eat. You want to stay away from refined meals and beverages as they trigger the problem.

Anti inflammatory

Conversely, eating green leafy vegetables and fruits helps to tame inflammation. Examples include kale, cherries, collard, and oranges. All these foods found in green smoothies release natural antioxidants that fight inflammation.

Ultimate Guide for Treating Chronic Inflammation

Green smoothies are a great breakfast alternative. You will receive all of the benefits of eating breakfast while simultaneously reaping the benefits of eating your veggies.

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9 At-Home Natural Remedies to Ease Your Sore Throat

A sore throat caused by a viral infection usually lasts five to seven days and can be very uncomfortable but doesn’t require medical treatment.

The main symptoms are pain and irritation in the throat, especially when swallowing.

9 Trusted Foods To Eat That Fight the Common Cold

1.Saltwater Gargle

Types of salt

There’s a reason your mom or grandma probably told you to do this. Saltwater may not provide you with immediate relief, it is still an effective remedy for killing bacteria while loosening mucus and easing pain.

“A saltwater gargle helps with swelling and keeping the mouth clean. Most recipes suggest ¼ to ½ teaspoon of salt per cup of warm water.”

It’s safe (and easy on the wallet) to try several times a day.

Here is the Salt Guide


Honey benefits

Honey is one of the best remedies for a sore throat due to its natural antibacterial properties that allows it to act as a wound healer, immediately offering relief for pain while working to reduce inflammation.

Honey can also kill bacteria and help fight off viral infections. If you’re suffering from a bad cough in addition to your sore throat, honey may also act as an effective cough suppressant.

Mix two tablespoons of honey in with a warm glass of water or tea and stir it well. Drink several times a day as needed.

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Lemon water

Similar to saltwater and honey, lemons are great for sore throats because they can help break up mucus and provide pain relief. Lemon water is a refreshing beverage that may also reduce the throat pain that occurs during a cold or flu.

What’s more, lemons are packed with Vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants which can help to boost the immune system and give it more power to fight off your infection. Lemon also increases the amount of saliva the body produces, which can help keep the mucous membranes moist.

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice into a glass of warm water and drink for quick relief. Or try combining lemon with warm water and a little honey or saltwater to maximize its benefits.

Lemon water contains vitamin C and compounds that can soothe a sore throat and assist with healing.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural health tonic. It has been a staple in folk medicine remedies for centuries. Its main active ingredient, acetic acid, helps fight bacteria.

A combination of apple cider vinegar and honey, called oxymel, to treat flu symptoms, such as coughs and sore throats.

Drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon (tbsp) of apple cider vinegar and 1 optional tbsp of honey.

The possible risks of apple cider vinegar include tooth decay and digestive problems.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties and, when a person mixes it in small amounts with warm water, could help relieve a sore throat.

5.Chicken soup

Weight loss soup

Chicken soup is a well-known natural cold and sore throat remedy. It is also a comfort food that allows people to get more fluids when they are sick.

Try adding garlic to the soup. Garlic contains bioactive compounds that can also provide benefits during times of illness.

A person can buy canned chicken soup ahead of time and store it until needed, or they can prepare a Homemade chicken soup.

Also try our healthy beetroot, Carrot, tomato soup, dairy-free pumpkin soup.

6.Turmeric milk

Turmeric latte

Another wonderful home remedy for throat infection from granny’s treasure trove, drinking turmeric milk has been considered to be the ancient tradition in our country.

It is known to treat a sore throat, cold and even persistent coughs. It can even relieve swelling and pain. In the world of Ayurveda, it is known as a natural antibiotic.

Try our Turmeric latte

7. Peppermint tea

Herbal tea

Peppermint tea contains anti-inflammatory compounds and is very soothing to the throat. The Mint may also slightly numb the throat, thereby relieving pain.

Peppermint tea is caffeine-free, and its naturally sweet taste often requires no additional sweetener.

To make peppermint tea at home, steep fresh peppermint leaves in boiling water for 3–5 minutes, then strain off the leaves.

Peppermint tea is a tasty, refreshing beverage that may help reduce inflammation and throat discomfort.

8.Chamomile tea

Herbal tea

Chamomile is a daisy-like plant that people have used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It promotes restful sleep, which is important for healing.

Chamomile tea has a pleasant, mild aroma and flavour. Like other herbal teas, chamomile contains no caffeine.

Chamomile tea may promote restorative sleep, help fight infection, and soothe sore throat pain.

Here are Tea For Every Mood 

9.Cayenne pepper gargle

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Mixing ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper with 1 cup of water and gargling with it can help reduce inflammation and clear the infection of a sore throat.

It takes several days of use to see improvement. Do not use a cayenne pepper gargle if there are open sores in the throat.

Delicious Spices With Most Powerful Health Benefits

Other Tips:

• Drinking warm liquids such as caffeine-free tea with lemon juice and honey, warm water with lemon and honey, or warm soup broth can be soothing to a sore throat.

• Drinking plenty of water or other fluids will ultimately make the throat feel better.

• Drink herbal infusions, water, or other beverages at whatever temperature feels most comfortable.

• Elevating your head when you sleep helps in a few ways. When you lay flat on your back, it increases pressure on your neck and can exacerbate symptoms in your throat.

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You could also try Detoxpri’s Metabolism Boosting Plan to help boost your immune levels. It can help you prevent and remedy your sore throat, with its harmonious blend of holistic nutrition and healing techniques.

LUNG DETOX: Natural Foods & Herbs for Stronger, Healthier Lungs

Breathing in air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other toxins can damage the lungs and even cause health conditions.

Maintaining the health of the lungs is essential for keeping the rest of the body healthy.

The only function of the lungs is to allow the exchange of gases in the body and it works hard in collaboration with circulation to release oxygen in the blood and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

Mucus that is produced in the lungs is important and needs to be the right consistency, as it helps to trap and keep toxins, microbes, and pollutants out. All problems start when the consistency of mucus thickens or the mucus production increases.

Here are the best foods that are good for your lungs that experts recommend:

1.Drink Herbal Tea

The harmful effects of cigarette smoke – oxidative stress, inflammation, programmed cell death (apoptosis) and lung injury – were prevented by an infusion of black tea. Like many other food sources that can help improve lung health, it seems to be the tea’s high antioxidant content that provides the benefits.

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Herbal tea

Tip: Choose black tea over black coffee as a morning warm-up or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Green tea

Having herbal green tea before going to bed is a great way to keep your lungs healthy and pure. If you are a smoker you must opt for this solution daily. This is an option that works wonder for the lungs.

2.Practice Eucalyptus or peppermint oil Steaming

Both oils act as an antioxidant and fights harmful organisms. These help to ease a cough, fight against congestion and soothe an irritated sinus passage. Clearing the mucus lining will help in the cleansing of lungs, the ability to relax muscles of the respiratory tract and promote free breathing. 

Eucalyptus oil helps soothe airways, loosen and expel mucus from the lungs and relax the brain and body. There are a few different ways you can incorporate eucalyptus steaming into your life:
The first choice would be to steam with a nebuliser, but if you don’t have one of those, do not fret. 

– Hang fresh eucalyptus in the shower and make it super steamy.

-Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of boiling water (place a towel over your head to make a tent to contain steam) then close your eyes and slowly breathe in the vapours for 10 minutes.

The American Cancer Society points to peppermint oil for treating ailments of the lungs, while recent research shows that the herb may help athletes breathe better. Peppermint essential oil improves respiratory rates because the mint relaxes bronchial muscles.

Tip: Add 3 to 4 drops to hot water for inhalation, which is the dosage recommended by the American Cancer Society.

3.Consume a Large Quantity of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient. It helps maintain the electrochemical balance of the body, provides anti-oxidants and – most importantly – enhances and empowers the immune system.

It does this by supporting the epithelial barrier function (preventing pathogens from getting in via thinner skin in the nose, mouth and around other orifices), protecting the body from oxidative stress and preventing microbial infestation. It also plays a role in controlling the production of different immune cells and may even help regulate gene expression. So it’s pretty powerful.

Some of the most notable are: 

Immunity boost

Oranges: An oldie but a goodie, and it’s an orange season! 100 grams of orange (or 100ml of cold-pressed orange juice) provides 88% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin C.

Baobab: Although slightly more scarce and a little less palatable, baobab is one of the richest sources of vitamin C in the world – with just 10g of the powder providing half your recommended RDA.

Lemon juice: You can take one-two glass of lemon juice before you go to bed. Apart from other health benefits of lemon juice, it plays a crucial role in detoxifying your lungs.

• Moreover, pineapple is known for the reduction of swelling and coughing. Additionally, it contains the enzyme bromelain which eliminates the debris from the lungs and detoxifying it naturally.

• An apple a day may keep lung problems at bay. Those who had five or more apples per week had slightly better overall lung function. Quercetin, an antioxidant found in apples, may help protect the lungs against smoke and other pollutants.

4. Eat/ drink immune-boosting foods

Juicing is an incredible way of getting in an abundance of bioavailable live nutrients deliciously and conveniently.

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Here are a few foods to incorporate to keep your immunity strong:


Mushrooms: Besides containing selenium, which can help prevent the development of severe flu, mushrooms also contain B vitamins, niacin and riboflavin, which help keep the immune system healthy. Mushrooms such as reishi also function as adaptogens, helping your body find full homeostatic balance by working intelligently on hormonal, endocrine, nervous, immune and organ systems. 

Ginger: This root is full of antioxidants, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

It’s often something we turn to once we’re already sick, but prevention is the name of the game right now, and a study proved FRESH ginger had immune-boosting and anti-viral properties against respiratory ailments.

Garlic: This has been proven to boost the immune system and lessen the severity of cold and flu symptoms. One of the major components of garlic that helps with this is allicin, a type of sulphur, which strengthens immunity and aids digestion.

Turmeric: This contains the compound curcumin, which is what gives the spice its bright, vibrant yellow colour. Curcumin has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and boost immune cell function.

Try our tasty turmeric latte recipe

Dark leafy greens, and green vegetables in general, provide minerals such as calcium, zinc, folates and antioxidants. Green veggies also have lots of great fibre that help our gut stay balanced and healthy. (Think broccoli, spinach and kale)

Fermented foods: Probiotics are very important for keeping the gut healthy – and if the gut isn’t healthy, the immune system won’t be strong. So eat lots of fermented foods like sauerkraut, raw apple cider vinegar, kimchi, yoghurt and miso.


Add these Indian fermented to your daily diet

5.Eating bee products like Honey, Pollen, etc

While this one may not be so popular but we can’t ignore the power of bee products in boosting immunity. From the more common honey to the rarest of propolis, the bee kingdom has an abundance of natural miracles to offer:

Honey: A traditional home remedy for any kind of fluey ailment, the soothing and anti-microbial properties of honey helpline the throat and kill any invaders in the mouth.

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Bee Pollen: Known as complete survival food, the power of pollen lies in its nutritional diversity. Because one bottle of this bee magic is made from the pollen of hundreds of different species of flowers, each with its amino-acid profile, it’s a nutrient dream packed with the widest variety of plant proteins of any food. If you’re super lucky you’ll find something called ‘bee bread’ which is the pre-digested form of pollen that the bees have fermented inside the hive.

Propolis: This is a sticky black resin that bees lay down at the entrance of their hives and pack in any cracks to keep invaders out. As it enters, each bee rubs itself on the layer of resin coating the entrance. This functions as an anti-bacterial/fungal/viral bath, killing any pathogens they may have picked up. Propolis is made from a combination of tree resins, pollen and honey and makes a potent pathogen killer for humans, too.

6.Try out other Healing Herbs

Basil: Basil is a key ingredient in cough syrups. In India, this herb is considered auspicious and it has many medicinal properties, one of which is to reduce congestion and clear up the lungs.

Oregano: The active components (Carvacrol and Rosmarinic acid) present in oregano helps in detoxification as they act as natural decongestants and thus, have a cleansing effect on the respiratory tract.  

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Top 10 Healthy Food Swaps That Fit People Live By

“If I don’t eat it, she will feel bad!”
 – the aloo ke paranthe made by Mom
“I need my cold coffee in the morning”
– the jug of milk and sugar blended by Ramu bhaiya

Candy, Dairy and Processed foods are weapons of mass destruction, fighting off our self-control constantly and laying our insides to waste (genuinely imagining these tiny robots nuking my metabolic machinery).

Eating healthy is a thing. You knew that unless you are stuck in a time capsule. Avoid desserts, fried foods, carbonated drinks, so much noise all around. But, deep down we all know that a lettuce leaf and boiled broccoli isn’t going to make us merry. 

My approach to nourishment is about making small and simple adjustments to your eating regime, not everything will need changing. I wholeheartedly discourage huge disruption but encourage consistent, achievable change for life.

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Let us discuss 10 healthy and smart food swaps to maintain your health and keep those extra pounds in check

1.Choose wholemeal/rye bread over white bread

We don’t have to ditch bread to improve our diet, instead choose a healthier option to substitute the white bread with. Again, the high fiber, levels in wholemeal or rye bread make them a better option against white bread. The way wholemeal or rye bread is digested also means that the sugar, which turns into energy, is released into the bloodstream much more slowly than in white bread, too. 

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Healthiest bread

Similarly, Naan which contains white flour, sugar and butter or ghee (fat) should be replaced by whole wheat Chapati which has more fibre because of using wholemeal flour and no butter, doing this will save around 430kcals and chapati taste great!

2.Swap white rice with brown rice

Not that white rice has anything wrong with it, but brown rice has more fibre. A small amount of brown rice can make you feel fuller than twice the amount of white rice. This helps in fewer calorie intakes as well as boost up the metabolism. White rice is not amongst the unhealthiest option. What makes it not a healthier choice is that it offers absolutely zero nutritional value in your diet. Another healthier option is ‘cauliflower rice’ or ‘farro’. 

3.Say yes to nuts and no to chips

That bag of chips which is too irresistible right now is full of sodium, saturated and trans fats. This, unfortunately, contributes to the buildup of plaque on the inner walls of your arteries, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. Apart from that refined carbohydrates found in chips spike your blood sugar levels.


The healthy way to satiate your snacks hunger is to try a handful of nuts instead of that bag of chips. Regular eating of nuts reduces the risk of heart diseases. But too much of anything is still harmful given you tend to increase the calorie count. So, make sure to eat a small portion (probably an ounce) rather than mindless munching. 

Here are some healthy homemade snacks

4.Porridge Instead Of Breakfast Cereals

Granola and cereals are overly hyped.

That bowl-full of packaged breakfast cereal may look like a healthier option but it is high on sugar. Replace it with oats porridge. It will not only make you feel full for a longer time but it is packed with essential nutrients as well. So what more do you want? Porridge is slow energy releasing food with a low glycaemic index too!

Overnight oats

You can even make your granola with fruits and nuts, minus the oil! Oats are great for the heart, fill you up, are great to taste and overall, help you lose weight over-processed granola. A smart swap to lose weight, isn’t it?

Here is why you should eat overnight oats

5.Hummus or mustard instead of mayo dip

Mayonnaise and butter pretty much have the same calorie count. Add them with bread, and you have a series load of calories on your plate. If you swap it with hummus or mustard, you’re only consuming half the calories of mayo! It is a delicious and simple hack. Even hung curd dip with mixed herbs which is equally yummy and healthy.

Yogurt dip

Check out our tasty yoghurt dips

6.Baked over fried stuff

Next time you’re thinking of binge eating on fries, think again! They have more than 400 calories versus oven-baked hash browns, which are only 98 calories rich per 127g serving. Choose a baked alternative for everything else too, without a great compromise in taste!

7.Swap Table Salt With natural Herbs And Spices

Salt guide

Season your dish with herbs and spices as much as possible and reduce your salt intake. Spice up your dishes with ginger and add flavours with basil and curry powder. You can also experiment with Italian seasonings.

Here are the different types of Salt

8. Go for lean meats instead of fatty meats

While you cannot avoid red meats like beef, lamb and pork, which are high in fat, try eating lean meats in moderation to get the required nutrients. Add vegetables while cooking the meats to increase the dietary fibre. You can also go for fish, especially salmon, which has levels of omega-3 fatty acids that improve good cholesterol levels.


9.Frozen Fruits Instead Of Ice-cream

Satiate your sugar craving for dessert with frozen fruits like banana, strawberry and mango. Not only you’ll escape loads of sugar but will also get plenty of nutrients. Got some free time? Blend the frozen fruits for a minute and get a yummy and thick dessert.

Banana peanut butter icecream

Check out our mango lassi ice cream, banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

10.Try skimmed milk over full-fat milk

Start with semi-skimmed milk that is lower in saturated fat and slowly banish full-fat milk entirely from your kitchen. Use it in your porridge or morning tea/coffee and you will soon make the final switch.

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Eat, travel, laugh, and live!