Fight Coronavirus With Food -What foods to Eat to Avoid Coronavirus

If you have a healthy immune system, your body can safeguard you from any disease, even the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. While as of now, there is neither any vaccine available nor proven home remedy to protect you from the COVID-19, there are some vitamins and foods which you can inculcate in your diet toContinue reading “Fight Coronavirus With Food -What foods to Eat to Avoid Coronavirus”

15 Highly Alkaline Foods That Will Help to Heal Your Body

Unfortunately, when it comes to diet, most people are on autopilot, following a disease-making Western Diet that is high in acidic foods and low in alkaline foods. The Western Diet increases inflammation and cholesterol. It also causes and contributes to the development of heart disease, dementia, osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and autoimmuneContinue reading “15 Highly Alkaline Foods That Will Help to Heal Your Body”

Which Bread Is Best? How to Shop for Healthy Bread

Do you know: In the Bible, bread has been referred to as the “Staff Of Life” literally and served for ages. Isn’t it ironic how these days, a healthier and “cleaner” bread would contain more whole grains and be darker in colour, less processed and have a desirable high-fibre content? There are countless loaves thatContinue reading “Which Bread Is Best? How to Shop for Healthy Bread”

Chicken vs. Fish: Which Is Really Healthy For You

When it comes to eating healthy food, you know the basics. Find a way to curb your sweet tooth, avoid unnecessary fats, and absolutely limit your bacon habit. But the nuances of healthy eating can be a bit trickier. When is it OK to splurge on non-veg? And which is really better for you —Continue reading “Chicken vs. Fish: Which Is Really Healthy For You”

5 Power-packed Immune-Boosting Juices

If you’ve got a healthy immune system, look after it and it will look after you. Why Strengthen Your Immune System With the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people are concerned about staying healthy and maintaining a healthy immune system. Doing so can benefit your body and boost your defences against viruses, bacteria, and otherContinue reading “5 Power-packed Immune-Boosting Juices”

3 Quick Fat-Burning Pasta Recipes to Save Your Waistline

The Italian staple dish pasta is pretty popular around the world. It’s easy to cook and extremely delicious and is an especially good choice if you need to whip up something tasty really quickly. However, it has become infamous with health freaks, due to oodles of cheese and other fattening additions to the dish. TheContinue reading “3 Quick Fat-Burning Pasta Recipes to Save Your Waistline”