Healthy Mango Recipes That are Good for Your Gut (No. 5 is my favourite)

Got mangos? We’ve got recipes!

The king of fruits – mangoes are in season again. In India, The mango period lasts from mid-march to may end.

There are many varieties of mangoes available in India Like Kesar, Badami, dasheri, langda, safeda, totapuri, chausa, Neelam, Alphonso (hapus) etc. Everyone has a favourite variety of mango.

The sweet taste of mangoes underlined with a subtle tang has created many fans across the globe. But, we tend to overlook how amazingly healthy mangoes also are.

Mango Nutrition

Mangos are packed with nutrients! Each time you eat these mango recipes, you get the following benefits:

• Low-calorie food. One mango has 100 calories. 

• Very high in vitamin C: One mango provides 100% of your daily vitamin C needs!

• Good source of vitamin A and fiber.

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Here are 4 amazing reasons to eat more mangoes this season:

1. Lowers Cholesterol: Mangoes contain fiber, pectin and vitamin C which help in lowering the bad cholesterol. It also contains potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure and maintaining the heart rate.

2. Remedy for skin problems: Mangoes are a great source of beta-carotene which helps in promoting healthy and glowing skin.  Beta-carotene gets converted into Vitamin A in our body which protects the cells from damage.  Vitamin A also helps in improving eyesight. Mango pulp is rich in vitamin c, which can be applied to the face to make it soft and supple.

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3. Aides indigestion: Mangoes are rich in fiber which makes digestion easy. They also contain certain enzymes that help in breaking down the protein, ease-up the assimilation of food and elimination of waste from the body. Amchoor or dry mango powder also acts as a digestive aid.

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4. Protects against heat strokes: Mangoes can protect you against heat strokes. Drinks like Aam Panna or mango lassi hydrate your body and eradicate the feeling of dryness. According to Ayurveda, mangoes energize the entire system and regulate blood flow.

7 Sweet and Savory Mango Recipes You Can Make Year-Round

1.Corn and Raw Mango Salad

This healthy and hearty salad can cheer you up instantly. A crunchy, refreshing salad to pack for a mid-day meal.

Key Ingredients

Corn kernels or corn on the cob, Onions, Spring onions, Red bell pepper, Raw mango (diced), Celery stalk (diced), Cherry tomatoes, Pineapple (diced), Parsley, Cilantro leaves, Basil leaves, Black olives, Lemon juice, Olive oil, Black salt, White pepper powder, taco shells.

Healthy salad

1. Blanch the corn in boiling salted water until tender but not overcooked.

2. Drain set aside and chill.

3. Dice the onions, spring onions, red bell peppers, raw mango, pineapple, avocado and celery to almost the same size as the corn.

4. Cut the cherry tomatoes into half and add the parsley, cilantro and basil to the vegetables.

5. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

6. Add the lemon juice, olive oil and mix well.

7. Fill into taco shells for presentation or in a bowl.

Broken Sorghum Porridge

2.Mango Lassi Cream

This stunning dessert made with fresh mangoes, yogurt and honey are low on calories and worth every bite. All your mango filled dessert cravings end right here!

Key Ingredients

Yogurt, 2 Mangoes, 1 TBSP Honey ( or stevia drop )

Mango ice cream

1. Churn together yogurt, chopped mangoes and honey in a blender.

2. Pour it in silicon moulds

3. Deep freeze it for at least four hours.

Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

3.Griddled Banana, Mango, and Jalapeño Sandwiches

For a killer brunch, serve with an over-easy egg.

Key Ingredients

Olive oil (or substitute flaxseed oil), multigrain bread, peanut butter, natural, banana (ripe, smashed), mango (very ripe),jalapeño pepper, feta cheese, kosher salt, powdered stevia, ground red pepper

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Mango sandwich

1. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-low heat

2. Brush oil on 1 side of each bread slice. This will be the pan-contact side. Layout bread slices, oil side down, on foil or parchment paper (as a work surface)

3. Spread 1 tablespoon peanut butter evenly onto each of 2 bread slices. Evenly distribute banana over the peanut buttered bread. Shingle mango evenly over banana. Scatter jalapeño over mango. Sprinkle evenly with cheese and salt. Close the sandwiches. Press gently to adhere to all the ingredients.

4. Griddle the sandwiches for 4 to 6 minutes on each side, pressing gently to ensure that all the surface area of the bread is in contact with the pan. Be patient, and let it cook without peeking (you’ll get a more even toast that way).

5. Combine powdered stevia and red pepper. Cut sandwiches in half, and dust with powdered stevia mixture.

Guacamole Toast

4. Mango Iced Tea

Mango iced tea is a refreshing summer tea with flavours of mangoes and tea.

Key Ingredients

Alphonso mangoes, black tea or 2-3 black tea bags water, lemon juice or as required

Natural stevia sugar, mint leaves for garnishing

1. Peel and chop the mangoes. Puree them in a blender and refrigerate.

2. Heat water on a stovetop or in the microwave.

3. Remove the pan of hot water.

4. Add the black tea and stir.

5. Cover and let the tea steep in the hot water for 5-7 mins.

6. Strain and keep the tea in the fridge.

7. Once the tea is cooled, remove it from the fridge.

8. Pour the tea into a blender.

9. Add the mango puree, lemon juice and sugar to the tea.

10. Blend everything till smooth.

11. Serve the mango iced tea in tall glasses with some ice cubes garnished with mint leaves or mango or lemon slices.

Kombucha Drink

5.Grilled Teriyaki Mango Skewers

These grilled teriyaki mango skewers feature fresh mangos and a teriyaki sauce to make a sweet and savoury summer grilling recipe.

Key Ingredients

Teriyaki sauce, mangos, red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, red onion

Mango skewers

1. Preheat a grill to medium heat.  If using wooden skewers, soak the skewers for at least 30 minutes while preparing the recipe.

2. For the skewers: Cut the mango into large cubes (larger than a dice) so that threads onto the skewers. Chop the red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, and red onion into large pieces (you can cut the onion in wedges and use a few layers when threading).

3. Thread the veggies and mangos onto skewers.

4. Place the skewers on a tray and brush them with the glaze on one side. Place the skewers on the grill, glazed side down, then brush the tops with the remaining glaze. Grill 6 to 10 minutes per side until tender and lightly charred.

5. When the skewers are finished, place over rice or quinoa and serve with any remaining teriyaki sauce if desired.

6.Mango Raita

This mango raita is adapted from the book ‘Indian cookery’. I have changed the raita recipe, but only in a few aspects. I added stevia to the curd. It’s not essential but since I have a sweet tooth, I decided to add some sweetness.

Key Ingredients
Curd or yoghurt, stevia powder, ripe mangoes, diced, mustard seeds, 2 red chillies, fenugreek seeds (methi dana), ghee or oil, coriander leaves for garnish

Mango recipe

1. In a bowl, take 2 cups of curd (or yogurt) and 2 tablespoon stevia sugar powder .

2. Mix with a wire whisk or with a spoon. Mix it till the sugar dissolves.

3. Then add the chopped mangoes. Gently stir the mangoes with the yogurt.

4. Tempering: Heat 1 tablespoon ghee or oil in a small frying pan. Add 1 teaspoon mustard seeds (rai). Fry the mustard seeds till they crackle.

5. Add 2 dry red chillies and ¼ teaspoon fenugreek seeds (methi dana). Fry them till dry red chillies change colour.

6. Pour this spiced tadka on the curd mixture. Stir and mix well. 

7. Garnish the mango raita with coriander leaves.

8. Serve the mango raita chilled or at room temperature.

Yogurt Tzatziki dip

7. Mango banana papaya smoothie

An easy and tasty smoothie with the goodness of all three favourite tropical fruits in a glass. 

Key Ingredients

Papaya, mangoes, bananas, ice cubes (optional)

Mango smoothie

1. Peel and chop the fruits

2. Liquidize or blend all in a blender.

3. Pour in glasses and serve mango banana papaya smoothie immediately.

4. Add ice cubes if required.

Green Fruit Smoothie

Celebrities Glowing Secret Drinks

Make sure you try all these mango recipes this summer. Don’t just eat them raw, experiment and make most of the season of mango!

Bonus 😃

In all my recipes above I have used stevia sugar which is a natural and non-nutritive sweetener derived from the leaves of a herbal shrub native to South America. The stevia plant has been used for food and medicinal purposes for hundreds of years.

You can buy the same product from here.

Available in powder form in Jars and Packets/sachets, in tablet form in flip-top boxes of 100s and liquid dropper bottles, Rite Stevia is the perfect companion for the health-conscious!


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Happy Summers! & Happy Cooking!

Easy Vegan Recipes To Celebrate Plant Power Day

It’s Plant Power Day on 7 March 2021 and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Plant Power Day is the perfect solution for those trying to include more foliage in their diet while still keeping their carnivore habits.

Plant-based means food that comes from plants and doesn’t contain animal ingredients such as meat, milk, eggs, or honey.

The best way to celebrate Plant Power Day is to have an entire set of meals during the day that is completely based on plants.

Plant-based foods tend to be:

Packed with a wide range of vitamins and minerals




GO BIG ON PLANTS on March 7th and you can.

Save 1,500 litres of water (two whole weeks of showers)

Reduce your carbon footprint by 2kg (the energy needed to make 1,064 cups of tea)


Think about the meals you eat on a typical day and how you could adapt them to be plant-based. By experimenting with plant-based foods for Plant Power Day, you may be surprised at how satisfying and tasty the options can be.

Plant protein

• Try swapping beef mince in a chilli or bolognese for soya mince or beans, lentils and chickpeas. Try these tasty snack recipes using chickpeas

• Add beans, lentils or tofu to stews, soups and curries. Try these Plant-based sources of protein.

• Include a sprinkling of nuts and seeds in your salads

• Try a milkshake, latte or smoothie using fortified plant-based milk. Here is a recipe to make oat milk at home.

• Use nut and seed butter on wholegrain crackers or an apple for a healthy snack like this chocolate peanut butter bars.

If you can’t manage a whole planet, just try to get more plants into your day; why not start the day with our One Day Plant-Based Diet recipe below:


Chia seeds pudding

Green fruity Smoothie with non-dairy milk

Chia seed pudding with fresh berries and a spoonful of almond butter


Zoo does

Zucchini Noodles with chunky tomato sauce

Whole wheat Avocado toast


Energy bar

Homemade Energy Bars

Whole-wheat toast topped with peanut butter and berries


Pumpkin soup

Millet porridge bowl with seasonal vegetables

Dairy-free Pumpkin Soup or Beetroot, Carrot Tomato Soup bowl

The Plant-Powered Diet highlights the health and weight loss benefits associated with eating more whole plant foods. Click here to book a free nutrition consultation. Nutrition analysis and exclusive tips. Personalized recipes meal plan. Time-saving menus and grocery lists.


3 Healthy Homemade Energy Bars That Are Super Delicious

Packed with oats, heart-healthy nuts, nut butter, dates, and seeds, these energy bars will keep you full and focused for hours. They’re great after a workout or when you’re in a rush and need a snack! You have to add these no bake energy bars to your to-do list.

You won’t regret it!

Plus, all of these homemade energy bars are: gluten free; refined-sugar free. and I’ve even included versions that are: vegan, nut-free and; low carb / sugar-free and keto friendly.

These no bake energy bars are absolutely amazing!

Immunity-Boosting Energy Bar

Healthy snacks

  • 135g hazelnuts
  • 135g almonds
  • 50g sunflower seeds
  • 70g rolled oats
  • 5 medjool dates (pitted, soaked)
  • 70g Brazil nuts
  • 55g pumpkin seeds
  • 55g sesame seeds
  • 2 tbsp tahini
  • 2 tbsp quinoa puffs
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 3 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp maca powder
  • 90g goji berries

Directions :

Set the oven to 100C.

Put the hazelnuts and almonds in the oven for 2 mins, adding the sunflower seeds midway.

Blitz the oats, dates, nuts and seeds in a food processor.

Add to a bowl with the other ingredients. Mix by hand, then press onto a tray.

Freeze for 1 hr.

Makes 24 bars 188kcals | 3g sat fat | 6g sugar

Hunger-busting Energy Bar

Energy bar


  • 140g rolled oats
  • 8 medjool dates (pitted)
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp flax meal
  • 60ml water

Directions :

Grind the oats in a food processor.

Add the remaining ingredients and mix to form a dough.

Line an 8x8in pan with baking paper, put the mixture in and press down.

Chill the mixture in the fridge for about an hour, then cut.

Makes 10 bars 187kcals | 0.7g sat fat | 13.6g sugar

Cacao-date Bar

Chocolate bar


  • 12 medjool dates (pitted)
  • 200g chia seeds
  • 1 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 2 tsp cacao nibs
  • 4 tbsp coconut oil

Directions :

Pulse the dates in a processor until they form a paste.

Mix in a bowl with the chia seeds, cacao nibs and oil to form a thick dough.

Press into the bottom of a 9x9in baking tray and cut into squares.

Eat immediately for a more doughy treat or put in the freezer for

1 hour for a chewier texture.

Makes 10 bars 229kcals | 5g sat fat | 20g sugar

If you like this homemade energy bars recipe, be sure to check out my other no bake sweet treat recipes on the blog.

5 Irresistible Deserts For The Serious Peanut Butter Lover

Healthy Spiced Hot Chocolate To Keep You Warm This Winter

7 Best Gur Recipes that can be your guilt-free indulgence

Let me know in the comments below if you try this recipe. Would you like more such healthy and no bake recipes on the blog?

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Top 7 Unique Fermented Indian Superfoods, that you must add to Your Diet

Fermentation, Uncovered

Fermented foods and beverages are becoming increasingly popular. You can now find kombucha on tap in bars, sourdough bread in cafes and more varieties of yoghurt, sauerkraut and kimchi in your local supermarket. Today, more people are turning to these foods for their potential health benefits.

Fermented foods have been part of the human diet for centuries, and Essentially a metabolic process of preserving food, fermentation involves controlling bacteria and yeast to transform food into fuel by releasing into our stomach, microorganisms that are essential for facilitating digestion.

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Fermented foods are filled with beneficial bacteria that helps in boosting good bacteria in the digestive system. The amazing thing about Fermented food is that they are budget-friendly and will help you to secure food for a longer period.

Consumption of fermented foods is good in many ways like it enhances the bioavailability, reduces symptoms of lactose intolerance, and holding anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods are foods and beverages that have undergone controlled microbial growth and fermentation.

Fermentation is an anaerobic process in which microorganisms like yeast and bacteria break down food components (e.g. sugars such as glucose) into other products (e.g. organic acids, gases or alcohol).

While Natural Fermentation can be done by leaving food overnight or for many days to initiate natural fermentation.

This gives fermented foods their unique and desirable taste, aroma, texture and appearance.  There are thousands of different types of fermented foods.

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Fermented Foods and their Types

Fermented foods have been a significant part of traditional Indian cuisine, irrespective of the state you are in. They are made from a variety of ingredients as well as colourful fruits and vegetables. Largely there are 7 types of fermented foods:

Fermented foods

1. Made from cereals and/or pulses – Idli, dosa, Ambala, nan, pazhaya, etc. 

2. Buttermilk based including cereal/pulses – Kadi, Kulu, Mor Kuzhambu, etc. 

3. cereal-based fermented sweets and snacks – Tiskari, jalebi, Bhatura, Torani, Changpa, Thuktal, etc. 

4. Made from milk – Curd, Philuk, Somar, Chhu, Chirping, etc. 

5. Made from unripe fruits, bamboo shoots, vegetables – sauerkraut, Iromba, Meshu, Goyang, Gundruk, Sinki, Khorisa-Tenga, etc. 

6. Made from meat products – Yak Satchu, Hentak, Lona Ilish, Uttonggari, etc. 

7. Made from pulses – Bedwin roti, dhokla, khaman, Madrah, wadi, Bekanthu, Hawaijar, etc. 

Top 7 Indian Fermented Superfoods

Fermented foods are a staple in the Indian diet, with most meals incomplete without a bevy of Lacto-fermented achaar (pickles) that add a healthy kick of flavours, from sweet-and-sour to spicy and tangy.

Curd (Dahi)

Found in every Indian household, Dahi is prepared by naturally fermenting cow or buffalo’s milk. It is a rich source of folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B-complex, and lactic acid bacteria. Used in the daily diet, it is rich in probiotics or good bacteria thereby improving gut health. It further impedes the growth of E. coli and other bad bacteria in the gut.


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A traditional fermented food, Dhokla is a staple food item of Gujarat. It is prepared using Bengal gram and/or rice. Rice and pulse flour is fermented with curd and then steamed. The resulting item is airy and spongy. The process of fermentation increases the antioxidant property of making it easily digestible and suitable for diabetics as well. It helps in combating age-related diseases and diabetes

Here is dhokla recipe:

Buttermilk (Chach)

Buttermilk is made by adding a bacteria culture to nonfat or low-fat milk. The result is a tart, fermented liquid that’s thicker than milk. Buttermilk can be used to lighten pancake batter and is the secret ingredient in coleslaw responsible for its creaminess and tangy flavour. To be sure that you’re getting buttermilk that is rich in probiotics, be sure to pick a container with an “active cultures” label.

Spiced buttermilk recipe:


Kombucha is a fermented drink made of black tea and sugar (from various sources like cane sugar, fruit or honey). It contains a colony of bacteria and yeast that is responsible for initiating the fermentation process once combined with sugar.

Do fermented foods like kombucha contain alcohol? Kombucha has trace amounts of alcohol but too little to cause intoxication or even to be noticeable.


Check out the Kombucha recipe here.

Pickles (Achaar)

Homemade naturally fermented pickles are amazing for the health of your gut. They contain tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which a store-bought jar of fermented pickles might not contain.



Idli is a round, fluffy bread, made from ground rice or rice flour mixed with ground black gram, salt, methi (fenugreek seeds) and water. The mixture is allowed to ferment before being steamed in an idli steamer. It makes an important contribution to the diet as a source of protein, calories and vitamins, especially B‐complex vitamins, compared to the raw unfermented ingredients.

Here is an easy idli recipe:


Kanji is a fermented drink made from antioxidant-rich black carrots, beetroot, mustard seeds, water and black salt, with the potent concoction preserved in ceramic jars and left to ferment in the sun for as long as two to three days before being strained and served. It has a pungent, zingy flavour which might take a while to grow on you.

Here is the probiotic kanji recipe

These food items are packed with nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. It helps in boosting your body’s immune system and fighting common diseases such as cold, indigestion, obesity, and many other ailments.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and include these unique fermented food items in your diet and reap the many benefits. 

By Priyanshi Bhatnagar

Healthy Spiced Hot Chocolate To Keep You Warm This Winter

Dear, it’s cold outside, and a steaming mug of rich, sweet hot chocolate is everyone’s favourite warm winter drink!
But why should you be feeling guilt with just a single, hot chocolate, when there is a healthy spiced hot chocolate with so many wonderful, sweet and delicious spices combinations?

We’ve rounded up our absolute favourite homemade hot chocolate recipe here. Defrost by making this healthy hot drinks, and enjoy the deliciousness guilt-free

By making smart ingredient choices (like swapping in almond milk for saturated-fat-filled milk). Use almond milk if you’d like to make your healthy hot chocolate vegan, as low calorie as possible, and dairy-free. The richer the milk you choose, however, the richer the hot chocolate. we keep our recipe below 200 calories per serving. All without sacrificing hot chocolate flavours you’ve come to know and love. That means you get to have your cake and eat it, too!

If you are a chocolate lover, this was made for you!


• 1 tbsp raw cacao powder

• 6-8 oz unsweetened almond or skimmed milk

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 pinch cinnamon

• 1 pinch ground nutmeg, or freshly grated

• 1 pinch cayenne pepper (if you want a kick)

• 1/4 cup coconut milk (if you want to thicken)

• A dribble of honey

Spiced hot chocolate


• Put all ingredients in a blender and blend for 1 minute.

• Transfer to a pan on stovetop and heat on low heat until the desired temperature is reached.



Absolutely! Just let it cool first to room temperature, and store in an airtight container for up to 2-3 days in the fridge. To reheat, just stir and warm in the microwave. 


Cacao powder is considered “raw” because the beans are fermented, and then processed at low temperatures and then milled into a powder. It’s got a much more bitter flavour than cocoa powder, but it does have a higher amount of minerals and nutrients due to it being less processed.

Cocoa powder is created when the beans are fermented and then processed at a much higher temperature / roasted. This gives the cocoa powder a milder, sweeter flavour (and less acidic in taste). The tradeoff is that it may have less of the natural nutrients of the cacao bean due to the additional heating. But it’s still much much healthier than using whole chocolate to make hot chocolate!


There are so many options for mix-ins for hot chocolate and this recipe is no exception! You could go the traditional route and add homemade whipped cream, dark chocolate chips, or mini marshmallows as toppings. Other fun mix-ins include:

Peanut Butter or Caramel. If you’re going this route, I’d remove the other spices from the recipe and keep the cinnamon and vanilla only!

• Jaggery Powder or stevia sugar instead of Honey

• 2-3 drops of peppermint oil and a pinch of salt (if you go this route, omit the other spices from the recipe except for the vanilla)

• Dried ginger powder — a great addition if you want your hot chocolate to have a little bit of a kick

Guilt free cookies


Delicious jaggery balls

Irresistible Peanut Butter deserts

Easy Portable Healthy Snacks

Gluten-Free Blender Pancakes

Guilt free cookies

If you have tried this Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe or any other recipe on my blog, then please rate it and let me know how it turned out in the comments below! 

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Here’s Why You Must Eat Jaggery In Winter + 7 Best Gur Recipes that can be your guilt-free winter indulgence

Jaggery is a winter-specific food, also known as Gur in Hindi, is one of the best raw sweeteners, which is easily available in the market.

Jaggery can be either enjoyed as a standalone sweet or can also be used to make several mouth-watering desserts.

This Is Why You Crave Sugar Immediately After Your Meal

Jaggery can be made from various sources such as date palm, the sap of coconut etc but the one made from sugarcane juice is most commonly used in the country. It is made by boiling juice of sugarcane till it solidifies and later put into blocks.

Jaggery benefits

10 Health Benefits of Jaggery (Gur)

1. Rich in iron contents

2. Generates heat inside the body

3. Boosts immunity

4. Prevents constipation

5. Detoxifies body

6. Prevents joint pain

7. Eases menstrual pain

8. Prevents respiratory problems

9. Helps in Weight loss

10. Reduces water retention

Jaggery is a healthier alternative to refined sugar as well.

You can easily ditch white sugar and switch to this yummy sweetener and use it to make tea, laddoos, halwa and various other sweet dishes. Here are some jaggery based desserts that you need to bookmark this winter season.

Fond of having something sweet post-lunch? Just prepare a batch of til gur based deserts and satiate your sugar cravings with a healthy dose of these sweet dishes.

Til Jaggery Laddoo

Easy and healthy recipe of delicious ladoos made with sesame seeds, desiccated coconut, peanuts and jaggery. A very easy recipe and within half an hour the ladoos will be ready. These sesame seeds ladoo make for a good warming sweet snack for the winters helps in keeping the body warm during cold seasons.

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Til ke ladoo

Raggi Jaggery Ladoo

Ladoos are everyone’s favourite and Raggi is also very good for health. Thus they are also known as the powerhouse of nutrition and this ladoo is mostly made in South Indian homes. It is made from Raggi flour mixed with coconut and jaggery in desi ghee with some dry fruits in it. Raggi and coconut are best to have together.

Here are some healthy Instant Savory Crepe – Chilla recipes

Coconut Gud Laddoo

Coconut ladoo

Combine the sweetness of gud with the wholesome taste of coconut to prepare the delicious Coconut Gud Laddoo which can also be stored for a few days. For this, you only need to melt the gud in a kadhai on a low flame, keep stirring it and then add grated coconut plus cardamom powder. The quantity of gud should be such that the mixture is sticky enough to be made into balls or laddoos. Take it off the flame and while it’s hot, pick medium-sized portions and start rolling them with your palms which have been greased with a little oil.

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Gur Atte Ka Halwa

Healthy halwa

This halwa is different from the other traditional halwa. It takes less time and less water to make it, jaggery is added to enhance its flavors and texture. For fragrance, cardamom and saffron can be added.

Crepes with Jaggery-Coconut filling (Patishapta)

A mixture made of grated coconut or khoya with jaggery taken and heated on low heat. Cardamom powder is then added for flavour. The second step in this dish is to make the batter from semolina and wheat flour, which is then cooked on a pan like dosa. The mixture is then placed on it and rolled up. This dish is serving with dipping the rolls in condensed milk.


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Peanut Chikki

Roasted peanuts are taken and then soaked in jaggery water. This content is then left to dry so that the jaggery gets hard and flat. Chikki is making out of it. A winter dish is good to keep one warm.


Here are my favourite 5 peanut butter deserts

Oat and Muesli balls

In this recipe, muesli and oats are mixed and kept aside. Jaggery is then melted and this melted jaggery is then added to the muesli and oats mixture and allowed to settle down. After some time the content becomes hard they are into balls. These oats are pleasing and a delight to taste.

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Besan ladoo

While these gud recipes with a twist will be enjoyed by everyone, you can also make the classic dishes with gud such as besan gud ladoo, roasted channa chikki, gud besan halwa, gud gulgule and more. To know more about healthy recipes, nutrition tips and all things food, keep reading detoxpri.

By Priyanshi Bhatnagar