What is The Best Time to have Milk & The Benefits

Before you crinkle your nose in the name of milk, let me tell you that milk comes with loads of goodness!

People have been talking about the health benefits of milk for a long time now. Milk is said to come with all the essential nutrients required for the body and give you great energy!

What does drinking plain-old cow’s milk every day actually do to the body?

cow milk acts as a brain tonic and boosts memory in addition to immunity. it also improves bone strength and fights diseases like bronchitis and sinusitis.

What is the best time to have milk

While you can drink milk any time, not many know that milk has some great benefits if consumed at night before going to bed. Have a look:

Helps in losing weight

Yes! Milk can help you lose weight too! If you consume milk before sleeping, your stomach stays full for a longer time and you don’t get up for any midnight munchies that add to your weight. It also keeps your blood sugar level under control and you don’t feel hungry all the time. But make sure you don’t add any sweeteners in your milk. 

Adequate sleep

Milk has tryptophan, which is an amino acid converts to serotonin and this hormone helps in calming your nerves and helping you have a great sleep. Also, the consumption of lukewarm milk before sleep relaxes your muscles which helps you to attain good sleep. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink hot milk before sleeping.

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Reduces risk of heart diseases

Drinking milk at night is very beneficial for your cardiovascular health. It helps you reduce the bad cholesterol level in your body and this further reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart-related diseases. Milk has a positive impact on your cardiovascular health. Milk contains potassium which keeps blood pressure in balance and protects the body from heart diseases.

Fight against infections and virus

According to Ayurveda, drinking milk by adding turmeric or ginger helps to boost the immune system. It also helps to get better sleep, as well as protect you from virus infections.

Feel Energetic 

We really can’t work without energy. Can we? Milk works wonders when it comes to providing good energy to your body.  When you drink milk at night, it energizes you at night and you wake up with great energy and good mood. You stay active and feel light the next day. 

You Digest Well 

Milk is very helpful in your digestion process. It has a great impact on your digestive tract. It improves your digestion and solves any health issues related to digestion. Drinking a cup of milk before going to bed helps you have better digestion. 

Some Nutrition Benefits:

Taking milk with ashwagandha, Triphala, or Haldi is good for health and has specific benefits. so, now you know the essentials of drinking milk, let everyone have a glass of milk in your family at the right time every day and stay healthy.

Here are some easy ways to calm the body, though, is through nutrition.


By Priyanshi Bhatnagar

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