Foods You Should Avoid While Suffering From Sore Throat (Omicron Affects)

A sore throat occurs when the throat becomes inflamed and irritated.

Soreness can be caused by many conditions including a virus, bacteria, hay fever, pollution, cigarette smoke or a respiratory infection.

How long does a sore throat last?

This depends on what is causing your sore throat. Most of those caused by a common virus resolve themselves on their own within three to ten days, while sore throats caused by bacteria infections or allergies may take longer to clear. Chronic sore throats may linger until an underlying condition is diagnosed.

A robust immune system can help fight the highly-infectious strain Omicron.

Sore throats can be unpleasant, especially when it makes speaking, eating and sometimes even breathing difficult. There are remedies, such as drinking lots of fluids like water and tea, gargling salt water, and lozenges for temporary relief from the burning and pain.

Sore throat

We’ve spoken several times in this blog about what you should eat and drink when you’re sick, but it’s just as important to know what you shouldn’t eat and drink, and why. Keep reading for a list of what you should avoid when you have a sore throat.

Certain foods can aggravate or scratch your throat when it is already tender and sore. For best results, avoid irritating foods until your sore throat symptoms subside.

Foods To Avoid When You Have A Sore Throat

1.Avoid Caffeine & Sugary Drinks

The caffeine in coffee dehydrates you which can make the pain of your sore throat worse. It’s also a diuretic, a substance that makes you pee more often, which will make you feel more thirsty and cause you to drink more, potentially making your throat feel even sorer.


Carbonated drinks cause inflammation, so avoid the fizzy stuff while you have a sore throat. Drinks with a high sugar content weaken your immune system. The best course of action is to drink plenty of water instead. Try our Immune Boosting Elixer.

2.Avoid Fatty Foods

Refrain from eating high-fat foods such as red meat, full-fat dairy products, baked sweets and deep-fried foods.

Fatty foods are harder for your body to digest and can suppress your immune system, which can worsen cold symptoms such as a sore throat. Deep-fried foods often have breading that is dry and rough, which can further irritate your throat. Instead of full-fat foods, choose lean meats like turkey, fish and chicken.

Eat low-fat dairy products, and choose foods that are moist and soft such as soup or applesauce. You can even puree or grind your food if you have trouble swallowing or chewing it.

3.Avoid Spicy Foods

Spicy foods that contain hot sauce, chilli powder, curry, nutmeg, pepper and cloves can aggravate and worsen a sore throat, which will increase inflammation in your throat. To add flavour to your food, add fresh ginger, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

You can also add garlic to your meals. Garlic can help reduce symptoms of a cold — such as a sore throat — and help you to recover faster. Garlic can even help prevent colds from reoccurring.

4.Avoid Coarse Foods

Crackers, toast, raw vegetables and other hard foods can scratch your throat. While you won’t notice it when you’re healthy, a sensitive sore throat may feel pain. Foods that are rough-textured such as uncooked vegetables, granola and dry toast can scratch and worsen a sore throat.

Instead of coarse foods, choose foods that are easy to swallow, soft and semisolid such as porridge, broth-based soups, yoghurt, eggs, mashed potatoes, ice cream, cooked cereals, smoothies and casseroles. You can also moisten foods that are dry with broth or gravy and boil or steam vegetables so that they are softer and easier to swallow.

5.Avoid Citrus & Acidic Foods

Stay away from acidic and citrus foods like tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, limes and lemon. The acids found in these foods can irritate and worsen your sore throat. Instead of having citrus fruits, choose fruits that are soothing to the throat such as bananas, melons, kiwi and peaches.

If you are looking to add more vitamin C into your diet, you can munch on kale or red peppers instead of irritating citrus foods.

6.Avoid Fried Foods

When you are unwell your immune system is already weakened, so unhealthy foods like french fries or fried chicken will not make you feel any better. While fried fatty foods don’t directly impact a sore throat, they do nothing to relieve any symptoms or make you feel better.

7.Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Because alcohol has an immune suppression in the body. Plus dissolve the drug That we eat to cure colds, nasal congestion or reduce mucus and cough contribute to the effectiveness of the drug is reduced, so during the illness and still treating the flu, it should be reduced and quit drinking alcohol, including alcoholic drinks. All kinds!

So, any time during discomfort, cough and sore throat ditch these foods first. Because if you accidentally eat it, it may make your sore worse.

Consult your nutritionist before consuming any food or drink if you have a sore throat.

Several food items can be consumed that can treat your throat infection, boost your immunity and possibly make you guard against diseases.

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